The truth about optical transceivers

The truth about optical transceivers

When it comes to implementing and/or adding to your networking and storage IT infrastructures, more often than not, optical transceivers are needed.

This being said, the sad truth is that when it comes to optical transceiver modules (commonly known as plugins), such as SFPs, XFPs, XENPAKs, GBICs, CWDMs and DWDMs, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are taking advantage of you by overcharging!

You have questions? We've got answers AND, those answers can result in BIG SAVINGS for you!

When it comes to buyying optical transceivers, EVEN MORE SO!

Most if not to say all networking and storage vendors outsource the manufacturing of their optical transceivers (a.k.a. SFP, XFP, XENPAK, GBIC, CWDM and DWDM plugin optical modules), just to turn around and sell them at outrageously high prices and, they are not the only ones!

Just think of that new high definition television and home theater you recently purchased. In order to connect everything, you had to buy HDMI cables for it. Some of which can cost upwards of $80.00ea!

Now some people will pay those high prices whereas, others will look for cheaper options that are just as good, but far less expensive. The same applies when looking to interconnect your IT infrastructures.

Optical transceivers can make up to 15% of your capital expenditures!

As previously mentioned, when it comes to optical transceivers, vendors overcharge you for them!

Whether you are a small or large business, with IT costs growing an average of 6% every year, finding ways to to maximize your budgets, while still providing your users and clients with the same level of quality of service is a must!

That’s why when it comes to buying optics for their infrastructures, savvy technology people are, nowadays, looking at options made available to them by third-party vendors.

Often times, those third-party options are of equal or greater quality, yet, they cost a fraction of what the OEMs charge for their so-called original products.

Third-party compatible optical transceivers save you money!

Compatible third-party optics can cost up-to 90% less, than the "so-called" vendor original products

It’s been found that some vendors and their authorized distribution channels have used aggressive tactics to sell their own optics. Such tactics include saying things such as “using third-party optics is illegal” or that they will “void the warranty“.

Here’s a typical example of a manufacturer’s statement regarding their warranty  when using of third-party products with their own.


The Cisco guideline for support and warranty services for the use of third-party memory, cables, Gigabit Interface Controllers (GBICs), filters, or other non-Cisco components is as follows:

When a customer reports a product fault or defect and Cisco believes the fault or defect can be traced to the use of third-party memory products, cables, GBIC's, filters, or other non-Cisco components by a customer or reseller, then, at Cisco's discretion, Cisco may withhold support under warranty or a Cisco support program such as SMART Net Total care™ service.

When a product fault or defect occurs in the network, and Cisco concludes that the fault or defect is not attributable to the use of third-party memory, cables, GBICs, filters, or other non-Cisco components installed by a customer or reseller, Cisco will continue to provide support for the affected product under warranty or covered by a Cisco support program.

The nature of the defect or error is the key to determining Cisco support obligations.

Cisco also reserves the right to charge the customer per then current time and material rates for services provided to the customer when Cisco determines, after having provided such services, that the root cause of the defective product was caused by a third-party vendor supplied product.

That’s simply not true! Just like you can buy third-party cables for your new television and/or home theater, the same is true of your networking and storage products.

Vendors use these scare tactics simply because selling their own optics is a very profitable business for them. And, whenever you buy less expensive, but just as good and offering the same level of performance, third-party optics, it hurts their bottom line! Needless to say this is something they absolutely do not want.

For years now, Data Telcom Technologies as enabled our customers to save huge amounts of money by offering both OEM branded and compatible third-party optical transceivers.

When it comes to our third-party SFP, XFP, XENPAK, GBIC, CWDM and DWDM optical transceivers, you can expect the same level of quality you find with the OEMs solutions but, these are available at up to 90% less than what the OEMs charge for their product.

In conclusion

The choice is entirely yours - You have OPTIONS!

Since we sell both vendor original and third-party compatible optical tranceivers, you have options!

Data Telcom's third-party opticl transceivers are fully tested, 100% compatible, plug-and-play and come with a lifetime advanced replacement warranty and, cost up to 90% less than what the OEMs would charge you for theirs. Learn more about about our compatible and add-on options solutions on our products' and peripheral and options pages.

Interested in saving money? Take a look at Data Telcom's compatible options portfolio. Contact us today or request an on-line quote and find out just how much we can save you!

Data Telcom specializes in selling and buybacks of networking and telecommunications equipment, servers, storage systems and associated peripherals from industry leaders such as Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Extreme Networks, Brocade, Polycom, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Dell and many others.

If you ‘re looking to buy reliable, efficient and above all inexpensive equipment or, you have equipment on hand that you no longer use, take advantage of our services. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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