Where do refurbished products come from?

Where refubished products come from is a very valid question

Many people ask themselves where refurbished products come from

Here’s a typical scenario on how IT hardware finds its way into the refurbished equipment market.

Datacenters often lease equipment for their infrastructures. Typically, because data centers constantly need to maintain top processing power in order to properly service their clientele, that equipment is being leased anywhere from 2 to 3 years. However, the equipment’s useful life is 5+ years.

When it’s time to upgrade to the latest hardware, the equipment is returned to the leasing company. Once that happens, the leasing company turns around and sells the products to a third party reseller. It’s also possible that the company leasing the equipment already has an arrangement with a reseller and will sell to them directly.

As mentioned in our article about the Differences between refurbished and used products, a  reputable reseller will thoroughly clean and test the products upon receipt, restore them to factory defaults, include documentation on the tests that were performed and offer a solid warranty on them. Once all that’s done, the products will be made available for resale to an organization at a fraction of its original cost. In doing so, the products’ life cycle is therefor extended significantly and, it’s the best way to recycle as the products are being kept out of landfills. Everybody, including the environment wins!

What's the difference between refurbished and used?

Refurbished is pre-owned equipment is by definition used. HOWEVER, not all used equipment are refurbished.

Again as mentioned previously and in our article about the Differences between refurbished and used products, refurbished equipment is thoroughly cleaned and tested, restored to factory defaults, comes with documentation on the tests performed and has a solid warranty on them.

The same cannot be said of used products available on auction sites such as eBay, Amazon and others.

Refurbished and used products may look identical BUT, there are HUGE differences between them such as, performance, reliability and warranty, just to name a few

Why buy refurbished?

Depends on your situation really and, many reasons such as price, performance, availability and other factors may come into play.

Data centers often buy very high-end and very expensive equipment. Often times, that equipment is priced out of reach for many. When looking at refurbished products, since those satisfied the data centers’ performance and processing requirements, it’s reasonable to say they will satisfy yours as well and, for years to come. Not to mention that, refurbished products being available at a fraction of their original cost, they save you a significant amount of money too.

If you need equipment fast that isn’t currently available anywhere, good quality refurbished hardware available right now can satisfy that requirement. And again, it being available at a fraction of the cost of new equipment, you will save money.

In conclusion

Buying refurbished products offers several benefits and advantages to businesses such as:

  • Gives access to products that might otherwise be out of reach of available budgets. The implementation of these products can:
    • Result in an increase in the level of productivity.
    • Allow you to maintain, or even improve, your competitive advantages!
  • Achieve savings that are often significant!
    • If desired, the money you save by buying reconditioned products. can be reinvested in the company.
      • These reinvestments can, again, contribute to productivity gains, enhance your competitive advantages and possibly even more.

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