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Local storage is still very important

As indicated in our previous post The importance of data storage CANNOT be overstated. It is CRITICAL to your business’ continued growth and success! Having said this, before we delve into why local storage is still necessary, it’s important to fist understand the differences between cloud storage and local storage. Both offer significant advantages but

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Protecting ourselves against hackers

Protecting ourselves against hackers concerns us all​ How do we go about protecting ourselves against hackers? Well as we indicated in our previous post, Protecting remote workers against hackers, it all comes down to educating ourselves on cybersecurity and cyberthreats. The more we know about cybersecurity and the cyberthreats we all face, the better equipped

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Protecting remote workers against hackers

Why the need for protecting remote workers CANNOT be overstated? All employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and secure working environment. The same goes for protecting remote workers against cyberthreats in these turbulent times we live in right now. And let’s face it, it goes without saying that it is to the benefit

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Internet network outage – What to do next?

Internet network outages do happen! Here are just a few examples of recent internet outages that made news headlines: TekSavvy reporting internet outage in large part of Ontario RCMP investigating Yellowknife internet outage, believes it’s ‘senseless vandalism’ 4-day Telus email outage caused by mishap during repair of data storage service Cogeco experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ in

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The importance of data security

What is data security? In its most basic and simplest form, data security means the protection of your digital assets from unauthorized access and data corruption. What are digital assets? When it comes to digital assets. Various factors come into play. In the case of: companies: we’re looking at corporate data such as financial information,

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Edge and cloud computing

Two somewhat different IT infrastructure technologies that complement each other In recent years many companies have shifted their on-premise IT infrastructures over to cloud computing.  Reasons why are many but, essentially, they boil down to the following: Access to more flexible and more powerful data processing resources Ability to do your work at any time

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