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Affordable, scalable, resilient and performant

Data storage and backup business needs are addressed with new and refurbished products from HPE, IBM/Lenovo and DellEMC

New and proven, extensively tested, quality refurbished enterprise grade data storage systems, at attractive prices

Data is a business’ lifeblood and it’s growing at an exponential rate. That’s why businesses of all sizes need to have a good strategy in place when it comes to data storage and data protection.

Why? Simply put, if you lose your storage, your business is in serious trouble!

Data Telcom sells new and quality refurbished enterprise data storage systems that are affordable, scalable, resilient and efficient. Everything needed to address your data’s growth, while making sure you get the performance your business needs, and that your data is safe and secure at all times

Purchasing enterprise-class data storage and backup solutions that are scalable and resilient, addresses both your data growth and your need to protect it

The need for data storage is constantly growing at an exponential rate. The same is true of the need to protect that data.

Whether your shopping for a direct-attached storage device solution,(DASD) a storage area network (SAN), a network attached storage appliance (NAS) or a backup solution, we can help!

You're looking to purchase solutions that are affordable, scalable, resilient and efficient?

New and quality refurbished data storage system that are proven and thoroughly tested

Vous êtes un revendeur, un intégrateur de systèmes ou un foumisseur de services à la recherche de produits difficiles à trouver? Nous pouvons définitivement vous aider avec ça!

We sell new and quality refurbished enterprise class data storage systems that will both grow with your business and safeguard your company’s information at all times.

Through our global network of suppliers and access to $60M of inventory at all times, chances are more than good that we can find and deliver the storage products you need as well as all their peripherals!

New and refurbished data storage systems from industry leaders that are efficient, reliable, scalable and available at great prices!
Everything to safeguard and protect your corporate data.

Data storage is essential to the continued growth of businesses

It’s noteworthy to mention that, whereas servers are very important to your data processing needs, as mentioned in our article “The importance of data storage“, storage is even more critical!

Loose your server, it’s bad. Loose your storage, it’s extremely bad! To put in simply, loosing your storage could, potentially, mean loss of data. Loss of data results in loss of productivity, which in turn results in loss of money!

Bottom line, no matter what the cost is, you can not skimp on your storage just to save a few dollars. Just ask yourself, how much is my business worth and, decide from there.

With that in mind, Data Telcom makes it a point to offer best of breed data storage systems from the captains of the industry. Although we can get other products from any number of vendors through our global network of suppliers, we specialize in the following:





Data storage and backup business needs are addressed with new and refurbished products from HPE, IBM/Lenovo and DellEMC

Data storage systems are critical to your business' survival!

Be advised of the risks and perils associate with storage faillures

At the risk of repeating ourselves, whereas servers are at the heart of your network and perform all the data processing, STORAGE is even more critical to a business' survival.

Risks and perils

The risks and perils associated with a loss of data can be classified into three (3) categories. These categories are:




Loss of storage = Loss of data!
  • Depending on the circumstances and the area of your network where the storage is faulty, it might not be that bad.

    HOWEVER, in some cases if you haven’t done a good Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) and put policies and procedures in place, starting with having a good backup solution and the means to replace faulty storage quickly, a loss of data can have severe and even catastrophic consequences!

A loss of data = A loss of productivity!
  • The loss of productivity is due to the number of hours and manpower devoted to reintroducing everything again into the systems in place!
A loss of productivity = A loss of revenues!
  • Employees whose task is now to re-enter all the information into the systems, are unable to perform their usual tasks. This means that they, and all those whose work depends on that lost information, are not productive. A lack of productivity irrevocably results in lost revenues
A loss of data = Permanently closing your doors!
  • In a wordt case scenario, if it is not possible to recover or reproduce the lost data, this can lead to the complete shutdown of the business!

If your customers and / or prospects learn that you have experienced data loss, you could also face the following consequences:

  • A loss of data = The loss of your reputation on the market and with your customers and / or prospects!
  • Loss of your reputation = Loss of REVENUES (again)!

These are just a few of the reasons why data storage is important. By setting up reliable, scalable and efficient data storage systems, you protect and secure your corporate data.

Reliable storage and good backup policies allow you to protect your information and avoid:

  1. Data loss,
  2. Productivity losses,
  3. Loss of income.

While many factors come into play and completely eliminating data losses may not be entirely achievable, you can at least reduce these factors to an acceptable level of risk. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”!

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