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You can address all of your IT equipment business needs and, save money today by paying WHOLESALE prices on networking and telecommunications products, servers, data storage systems and all associated peripherals add-on modules and options.

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IT technologies are now a vital part of any and all businesses and, they can provide an edge against your competition. in order to maintain that edge, It's therefore important to maintain your infrastructures as well as add hardware to them. Bottom line is, in order to achieve that goal, you need to buy products.

So, open an account with us and start saving on your IT hardware purchases today! Data Telcom supplies new cutting edge hardware as well proven, fully tested, quality refurbished products.

Using both types of products enables you to update and/or upgrade your existing infrastructures as well as maintain any legacy hardware you still need to run

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Over and above the pricing you need,if the product isn't in stock, we'll also let you know what the delivery time frame is and whether or not what is being quoted to you consists of new and / or refurbished products.

Buyback and asset disposal program

Do you have old products you're no longer using just lying on the floor and taking up some space?

If that's the case, you might be surprised to know that more often than not, some of that hardware still has value. Why not find out if you can turn those obsolete products into a revenue source?

Just fill-out our buyback request form and, we'll let you know just how much you can get for those old products.

Is it time for an update or upgrade?

Have you considered quality pre-owned reseller refurbished equipment?

Buying quality reseller refurbished products enables you to get discounts up to 95% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price!

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Ask us for a quote and discover how buying IT hardware products from us can

Do you have old equipment you’re no longer using? Discover how our buyback program can